Control Guru offers Practical Process Control workshops through Control Station Inc. Below is the curriculum that they use. If you would like more information on training, please email them at

Day One

A foundation is provided for investigating advanced control capabilities. Equipped with a systematic approach for analysis, participants then explore the full capabilities of the PID controller and gain an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of common control structures.
Topics include:
  • Fundamentals of Process Dynamics
  • Proportional Control
  • Integral Action and PI Control
  • Formal Approach to Controller Design
  • Derivative Mode and PID Control
  • PID Control with Derivative Filter

Day Two

A rapid review of the prior day’s curriculum before tackling advanced approaches to the control of dynamic process behavior. Participants learn techniques for evaluating advanced control architectures and for determining optimal control strategies.

Topics include:
  • Systematic Approach to Real-World Processes
  • Cascade Control
  • Feed Forward Control
  • Dynamics of Non Self-Regulating (Integrating) Processes